The "Los Álamos" Foundation of JL Pardos, has the following aims:

"Imagine, search, applied and expand a Systemic and progressive Education and Cultures, in the framework of the Enlightenment, allowing to human beings to developed their great inner potential of its mind, experience and will, in order to help a greater development of the his own person, its personal affirmation and intelectual freedom".

Main Foundation Activities

The above mentioned activities of the "Los Álamos" Foundation of JL Pardos, will be carried out, by using the following methodology:

  1. 1.

    Combining a global thinking with a local action, on the main and great universal issues (Think global and act local: Glo-Cal) as it was expressed and designed by Mr Pardos on his book "Crecimiento y Desarrollo en la Década de los 80'", Editorial "Tecnos" Madrid. 1984. (pp. 204 to 244)

  2. 2.

    Pressing, developing, applying and executing divers actions in the world of Arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, poetry, cinema).

  3. 3.

    Pressing, developing, applying and executing the Technologies of Information and Communication (TIC)

The aim and methodology of work of the Foundation will be specially frame worked, although not exclusively, on the great, universal and crucial issues for human lives, such as the following ones, among the first.

  • Global warming.
  • Climatic change.
  • The advance of desertification.
  • The use and abuse of uncontaminated waters.
  • The great migration trends.
  • The aging of society.
  • The increasing of dependence.
  • The situation of people with disabilities.
  • The world of aged persons.
  • The status & the situation of women.
  • Drug addiction and alcoholism.
  • The Arts as a propulsion mean for a permanent and renewal factor in Society. Creativity applications which are always inside the Arts.
  • The search of news values throughout the Arts.
  • Te digital dive


Pursuant to the principle of transparency, we offer access to all our official documents and those generated by us