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Anniversary of Chants and Dances of Cieza

Coros  y danzasSince its foundation in 1942, the Cieza group has not stop in its quest for assembling, researching and disclosing the large and varied amount of folklore of its Region.

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Posted by: Domingo Mendez

They have assembled many different dances, and a large variety of its vestments, from the Region of Cieza. And they have diffused it all over the most prestiges festivals all over the world, at a regional, national and international levels. In such a way as showing our traditional Culture, being no doubt our best Cultural Ambassadors.

Spreading over our traditions through out the teachings being imparted at he Municipal School of Folklore, where pupils, specially young ones, are being told on our dances and from the different types of our traditional dressing and clothing, which are, no doubt, an essential part of our Cultural heritage. .

And with the purpose that may be able to appreciate the importance of our traditional Culture, from all the countries of the world, they bring us to Cieza, every year, many different groups of folklore from the four coins of the world.

The present performance will take place, next sunday the 26th at noon, at our FLAdJLP, within the orchard of "La Hoya de Los Álamos", near the Segura River, and the water mill of Teodoro.

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