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Republicans Teachers: don José Antonio Campuzano López. Exemplary Teacher

Don José AntonioThe "Los Álamos Foundation of JLPardos", gives an homage to the Republicans Teachers, those who gave a duly ought service to Culture and Education for all the spaniards, in general, and for the popular and lower classes in particular.

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Posted by: Domingo Mendez

Those who, in times of deep stress and convulsive periods of our History, gave also the best of them selves, which was a lot, on preparation, vocation and spirit of service to their education task. We want to remember today and forever those Teacher who did have, as a duly reward, only depuration, exile and prison, even the los of their lives after the "Victory" of a few, and the Defeat of the most.

We want, in this act of homage an acknowledgement to those Teachers of the 2nd Spanish Republic, in the person of Mr. José Antonio Campuzano López, an everlasting example of an extraordinary personality, who has always persisted in his enormous achievements of his great educative performances in the private sphere, after his depurations, as in the public one, without ever renouncing, in spit of all the troubles he had, at the end of the so called, by many others, more than a Civil war a great and no less than an Uncivil Postwar. But he persisted and overcome everything and toady he enjoys, as he ever enjoyed the great love and everlasting recognition of all his pupils.

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