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Water splitters, (azud), water chanels (acequias) and elevation supplies, to enlarge many irrigations facilities at the upper part of the Segura River.

AzudOn Monday, January 28, at five in the afternoon, try this in our Dialogues in the Garden, for which we have the presence of Juan José Martínez Soler, of the Los Alamos JLPardos Foundation.

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Posted by: Domingo Mendez

The rotary shapes of the Segura Valley, at its upper part, plenty of several succesive straits, like the ones of Almadenes, Menjú, Canales, Solvente, etc. and many enlarged places, of bigger dimension or deeper wholes, like El Salmerón, Cañaverosa, Cieza, Hoya de D. García, Abarán, Blanca etc.

Explains the many channels and water splitters, which exists in this part of the Segura river, and which have been built, to elevate the water from the river, in order to irrigate many orchards, as well as the existence of several tools, placed in many water channels, in order to irrigate the upper parts on both sides of this river valley. A very good example of this effort, to enlarge with those water elevation supplies, could be seen at the left side of the Segura River, from Los Almadenes to the Menjú, where mainly appears the Andelma wáter cannel.

Guest speaker: José Mª Gómez Espín.Professor of Regional Geographic Analysis, at the University of Murcia..

Date: 29th april, at 18:00

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