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We have to save the 'Andelma'!

AndelmaNext coming monday the 28th at our siege, we will have another "Dialogue at the Orchard" this time with only one subject: "La Andelma"

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Posted by: Domingo Mendez

We will count also upon Juan José Martinez Salmerón, from our "Los Álamos" Foundation of JL Pardos, together with the Agricultural Engineer and a Master on Environmental Sciences, Enrique Ochando and also with Antonio Lucas, from the Rio Segura Guardians. We will begin at 17:00

The Andelma is one of the four “acequias” (old small channels) which together with Los Charcos, El Horno and Don Gonzalo, irrigates the “huertas” (orchards) of our agricultural village of Cieza (Murcia), at South Eastern Spain. La Andelma (see in Facebook) is a millennial old water cannel, built by the arabs, which can be considered as one of the exceptional still working hydraulic relics, as well as a universal world wide masterpiece , of an unvaluable value. La Andelma still is accomplishing every day, its functional targets of irrigating the orchards of the village of Cieza, has become a universal and unique ecosystem of an exceptional value. It can look very difficult to unify, now-a-days, its different interests, throughout a still living water resource…..but could it be posible, to find out a way which will include and combine its historical heritage with our modern life within the XXIst century? Would you like to help to preseve La Andelma as a way out including its historial patrimony with modernity?

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