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II FALL CONCERT performed by the Laudes Quintette "Manuel López Villalba". Presentation of the CD "Around two centenaries". (Dr. Rodriguez Pérez y De Hoyos Ruiz)

Place: La Hoya de los Álamos Orchard (near the Teodoro water mill) on the boards of the Segura river. CIEZA (Murcia).Date:  saturday the 8th of november 2014 at noon.
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* Introduction by Ambassador JL Pardos, Chairman of the FLAdJLP Foundation.
* Presentation of the CD by Ángel Almela Valch, Pedagogue et poet.
Suite Española de Gaspar Sanz: (Arrangements of J.A. Gómez Juan).
Concert of Guitar in Re M. from Antonio Vivaldi (allegro, largo, allegro)
Suite Española de Enrique de Ulierte: (Arrangements of Germán Lago).
Granada from Isaac Albéniz (Arrangements of Germán Lago).
Mexican Suite from Eduardo Angulo (Serenata).
Venezuelan pieces. 
The Quintet de Laudes "Manuel López Villaba" takes its name from one of the founders, master on  pua and Director of plecto groups of the ONCEW in Murcia, Totana and Cieza, from more than 30 years withe several students on its pedagogic activities. In 1989 the Laudes Quintette "Miguel de Fuenllana" with only three members is created and has performed in several places ad Murcia and Andalusia and has taken part in Caja Murcia concerts adn several other cultural associations. 
Presently the Quintet if composed from José Montiel Ata (High laud); Francisco Fernández Martinez (mandolin); José Antonio Gómez Juan (Bass laud, guitar and direction); Rafael Ferenández Toledo (guitar and contrabas laud) and Francisco López Herrera (laud tenor).
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    LogosThe Los Álamos Foundation of JLPardos, from the 23rd-F is called already, in its Third Phase, “The Los Álamos Foundation of the Ricote Valley” (LAFoVoR) and among its new things, which are to be found in the Notary Act of the 1st of February of 2018, of Mrs. Ana María Alarcón Pomares, from Cieza (Murcia), they are related in its respective Articles. This new name which has included, our priority dedication to the Valley of Ricote, and it adds, in its 1st Article. that we are of an "a-political" character and in its 3rd Article.

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    CarrahilaLast sunday the 30th of april has taken place the closing activities of the IVth Encounter of Research and Information about Abarán and The Ricote Valley. and because our aims at the “Los Álamos Foundation” and the important activities of “La Carrahila
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    During next sunday the 8th and at the usual "Dialogues at the orchard" at 12:00 and organized by the "Los Álamos" Foundation of JL Pardos, will take place the dialogue-conference of "The 100 years of the Fraternity Gathering of Cieza".
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    Irene GarrdioSoloists Competition of the Tenth International Meeting of Music and Dance of Cieza (Murcia) organized by the association Sostenuto with the collaboration of, among others, our local association Foundation Los Álamos of JL Pardos.
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    PeregrinosThe Los Álamos Foundation of JL Pardos, in collaboration with the Group of Walkers "El Portazgo", will celebrate next tuesday the 1st of april, at 19:00 at he Siyasa Museum, the "Dialogues at the orchard" under the title of "The road of Saint Jacques".