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CELEBRATIONS regarding the 10th anniversary of the existence of the [Group La Hoya de los Álamos], [Los Álamos Foundation] and [Los Alamos Foundation of J.L.Pardos]

LogosDuring the afternoon of Saturday, October 24th and the morning of Sunday the 25th, the commemorative events will take place to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the FLAdJLP.
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During the afternoon of Saturday, October 24th and the morning of Sunday the 25th, the commemorative events will take place to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the FLAdJLP which has developed throughout different stages, as can be read at the Foundation blog, at joseluispardosperez.blogspot.com, in three very special moments which have endured and matured in the spirit and in the works of their respective Patrons, from the 22nd of March 2005 to the 11th of June 2012.

The above mentioned celebration will take the following programme:

1st. Under the chairmanship of the Lord Mayor of Cieza, Mr. Lucas, and under the presidency of the Magnificent Rectors of the University of Murcia, Mr. José Orihuela, and of the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Mr. José Antonio Franco, the Patrons of the Foundation, Mr. Miguel Gual, Mr. Conrado Navalón and the Count of Campo Hermoso, Mr. Xavier Sánchez, will present what we have done, what we are doing and what we want to do in a near future. Afterwards the respective Rectors of the two Public Universities of the Kingdom/Region of Murcia, will introduce the Patron, Bartolomé Martínez and the 1st Floridablanca Prize, Antonio Narejos, to present their respective Programs, being developed at the above mentioned Public Universities. An exposition of the “Amigos” of the FLAdJLP, will be done by the Patroness Elena Ladrón de Guevara and the “Los Álamos”choir,  introduced by the Patroness Mari Cruz Gómez, will perform some songs, concluding the Celebrations for the day.

2nd. With the assistance of the three Notaries who have taken part in the three different moments of the FLAdJLP, we will highlight the basic elements and the fundamental moments, in the progressive evolution of this Project. In the name of the “Caballeritos de Azkoitia” the Patron Josu Aramberri, wil developed the creation and evolution of the “Royal Society of the Basque amigos del país”, first one ever created in Azkoitia in 1760 and then, the II Floridablanca Prize will be awarded to Mrs. María Luisa Gómez-Soubrier, closing the celebrations with a concert by the “Quintet of Laudes” and sharing all the participants a convivial  apperitive and a typical Lunch from Cieza, at the Venta of the MariPinar, in honour of the new Floridablanca Prize and to all the participants in the Xth Anniversary Celebrations.

3rd. All the Patrons, from Madrid, Euskadi, Catalunya and Murcia have the feeling that we are reaching, in depth, some very special items of research and applications, such as Children systemic Education, Migrant women´s Education and alphabetisation, as well as the discovery and spread over the Region of Murcia, of the Universally known Musician Juan Oliver Astorga (Yecla 1733-Madrid 12th February 1830) and the Murcian Mystic and Philosopher Muhyddin Ibn ‘Arabi (Murcia 1160-Damascus 16 Novemeber 1240) which will be researched, developed and taught during the coming years of the FLAdJLP.

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    LogosThe Los Álamos Foundation of JLPardos, from the 23rd-F is called already, in its Third Phase, “The Los Álamos Foundation of the Ricote Valley” (LAFoVoR) and among its new things, which are to be found in the Notary Act of the 1st of February of 2018, of Mrs. Ana María Alarcón Pomares, from Cieza (Murcia), they are related in its respective Articles. This new name which has included, our priority dedication to the Valley of Ricote, and it adds, in its 1st Article. that we are of an "a-political" character and in its 3rd Article.

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    CarrahilaLast sunday the 30th of april has taken place the closing activities of the IVth Encounter of Research and Information about Abarán and The Ricote Valley. and because our aims at the “Los Álamos Foundation” and the important activities of “La Carrahila
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    During next sunday the 8th and at the usual "Dialogues at the orchard" at 12:00 and organized by the "Los Álamos" Foundation of JL Pardos, will take place the dialogue-conference of "The 100 years of the Fraternity Gathering of Cieza".
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    Irene GarrdioSoloists Competition of the Tenth International Meeting of Music and Dance of Cieza (Murcia) organized by the association Sostenuto with the collaboration of, among others, our local association Foundation Los Álamos of JL Pardos.
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    PeregrinosThe Los Álamos Foundation of JL Pardos, in collaboration with the Group of Walkers "El Portazgo", will celebrate next tuesday the 1st of april, at 19:00 at he Siyasa Museum, the "Dialogues at the orchard" under the title of "The road of Saint Jacques".