For the Foundation Los Álamos

“The Ricote Valley is a natural, multicultural and multi-social space of the Región of Murcia (Spain) that reserves to be included in the World Heritage List by Unesco. This Foundation, which is placed in one of the entrance doors of the Valley and has the name of such as unique place, will work with institutions and groups to make it possible.”



The Foundation Los Álamos promoves the declaration of  Ricote Valley as Intangible World Heritage Site by Unesco. 

The Ricote Valley is a natural and historic jewel. Traditional orchards of great value and a ethnographic, historical and hydric heritage make this area of the Region of Murcia (Spain) a stronghold to protect. Its natural landscape, which is linked to agriculture, constitutes a unique agrosystem that must be protected, but also promoted to diversify the economic opportunities of the towns that formed the Ricote Valley.

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The Foundation Los Álamos promoves

  • The inclusion of the Ricote Valley in the World Heritage List by Unesco. 
  • The recovery of the area known as Menjú. 

The Foundation Los Álamos collaborated

  • In the organization of IV and V Conferences of Investigation and Divulgation about Abarán and the Ricote Valley  (2017 and 2019).


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Moreover, it is really important for us that you comment and share our iniciativa in your social networks. Any help pushes the Ricote Valley one step further to be recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.